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Musical, Clapper, wooden

Musical, Clapper, wooden

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This wooden hand clapper produces a clear clapping sound when tapped against the hand or leg.
Size: Length 20cms.
Being able to play, touch and make a noise with a variety of children's musical instruments helps them to learn in so many ways.
Young children playing with musical instruments have an increase in language development,  listening and later reading skills.
Sensory development is assisted when they are able to create and explore ideas using musical instruments for children.
Build up gross and fine motor skills - banging a drum works the large muscles whilst opening and closing fingers helps the small muscles.
Using a variety of instruments, sizes and types gives the young child the best of both worlds to improve their physical skills.

Listening skills are improved - children become  very excited when first introduced to instruments but as time passes they start experimenting with the individual sounds and this in turn develops their listening skills.

Age: 3-6