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Sand play, sand moulds, large, set of 6

Sand play, sand moulds, large, set of 6

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These sand moulds are easy for small hands to hold and come in assorted colours.
Fine motor skill (small muscles of the fingers and hand) like those necessary to use when holding a scoop, pulling a truck or filling and compressing a sand mould, are developed.
Crayfish size:18 x 16cms.
Having sand accessories in the sandpit makes it more fun and stimulates creativity.
Playing in the sand can be a great opportunity for children to have unstructured playtime. Whether shaped into castles, dug, sifted or buried, sand offers endless opportunities for fun and learning.
When children play together their social skills like problem solving, sharing and communication are promoted.
Sand play is particularly beneficial for developing a sense of texture. Not only is sand a different texture for children to feel on their skin, but the contrast it creates with concrete, grass and wood will emphasis the sensation of each surface.
Age: 2-6